Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Planning Days

If you`re a business considering the purchase of Microsoft products like Office 365 or Azure, then you may want to learn about Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Planning Days (EAPD).

EAPDs are a set of free, customized workshops offered to businesses that are considering signing up for Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EA). These workshops provide valuable guidance to help businesses get the most out of their Microsoft technologies while optimizing their EA purchases.

So what exactly happens during an EAPD workshop? First, a Microsoft expert will discuss the current technology infrastructure and the business goals of the organization. After that, the expert will work with the business to help them identify any potential gaps in their current technology that may need to be addressed. Additionally, the expert will guide the business in selecting the right Microsoft products and licenses that align with their needs and budget.

Another significant benefit of EAPDs is that they can help businesses better understand how to manage and use their Microsoft products effectively. For instance, the workshops can cover topics such as licensing compliance, software deployment, and how to optimize usage.

Overall, EAPDs are an excellent investment for businesses considering the purchase of Microsoft products. They provide valuable guidance on how to align their technology infrastructure with business goals while also ensuring that they are using their Microsoft products efficiently. If you are thinking about signing up for an EA, then it`s worth seeking out an EAPD to ensure that you are making the most of your investment.

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